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Here is our Preliminary Indoor Electric Racing Schedule for the 2015-2016 Season!! We have some Saturday dates included! Lets see how the attendance is for them! This looks to be an incredible season for the racing cummunity! Some of the dates may change, and their will be ample time to adjust! So far there is no conflicts with anything that we have seen posted for schedules in the New England Area. Electric Race Dates:
October 18th Rocktoberest
November 8th Tri-State E-Champs
December 5th-6th (Saturday practice) Ct State Indoor Champs 
December 27th Winter Chiller 
January 1st Hang Over Classic (Club Race) 
January 16-17th Mid Winter Championships Rc Driver, Proline 
February 13th (Saturday) February Freeze 
March 13th March Meltdown May change to the 13 
April 10th Indoor season closer Trophy Dash

Wolcott Hobby-Full Throttle point series dates:

Nov 15th WHR 
Dec 12th FT 
January 3rd WHR 
March 19th FT Series finals! Plaques and awards given out!!

Wolcott Hobby RCHR point series dates:

Nov 28th RCHR
Dec 20th WHR
Jan 23rd RCHR
Feb 7th WHR
Feb 27th RCHR
March 6th WHR
March 26th RCHR Series Finals! Plaques and more!!
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Wolcott Hobby
Indoor Electric Summer Point Series

This is our annual indoor summer time point series held at the 130 Scot Road indoor facility. 

1st place in each eligible class will receive a 6 race pass and a $75 store gift certificate. 

2nd place will receive 3 race passes and a $50 store gift certificate

3rd place will receive 2 race pass and a $30 store gift certificate

4th place will receive 2 race pass

5th place will receive 1 race pass

We are running all classes. The top 5 in all classes will receive a plaque, and certain classes will be eligible for overall prizes.

The eligible classes for the prizes are Mod 2wd Buggy, 17.5 2wd Buggy, 4wd Mod Buggy, 17.5 2wd Short Course, 4wd mod Short Course. You must attend 4 of the races to qualify for the any of the race prizes. 

1st class is $20
2nd class is $10
each additional class is $5

The series is being run on Saturday mornings. The track will open at 8am and qualifiers will start at 11am. We will run 3 qualifiers and mains. 

This is an 8 race series with 2 drops. 

The first race is August 1st
Rare 2 Aug 8th

*August 15th will be an off weekend do to the Nitro X race. The series will resume for race 3 August 22 the following week.*

Race 3 Aug 22
Race 4 Aug 29
Race 5 Sept 5
Race 6 Sept 12
Vintage Nationals this weekend  Sept19
Race 7 Sept 26  
Race 8 Oct 3rd This is the series finals! All prizes are plaques to be given away on this day! Remember, you must attend at least 4 of the races to be eligible for the raffle prizes!! Thanks!

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Friday Night Spring Point Series 2015

Friday Night Point Series starts on March 6th.
The Series will last for 6 weeks. We will be counting the best 5 finishes. So there is 1 drop week. 
The point series is in effect every week, even if there is a Sunday Trophy dash. 
1point is awarded for every TQ in each class
Winner of the A main gets 100pts, 2nd through 5th have a 2 point difference, and 1 point from there on. IE: 1st=100, 2nd=98, 3rd=96, 4th=94, 5th =91, 6th=91, 7th=90 etc.
Plaques for top 3 places. Plaques presented on the Final night of the series. 

1st Class is $20, Second is $10, and each additional $5 Sportsmen is $10 

Any questions email or just call the shop

See you soon!
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Upcoming Nitro Events at Wolcott Hobby for 2015

June 7th travel Rc Madness KONE rd2
June 14th Club Race
*June 19-21 Race for the Cure Goshen Stampede
June 28th NESS Round 1
July 5th Club Race
July 12th Tri State Championships
*July 26th travel to Rc Madness
*August 2nd Trtavel to the Barn NESS Rd2
August 9th KONE Rd 3 (Wolcott)
August 14-16 NITRO X sponsored Rc Driver, Proline
*August 21-23 travel Madness SC Nats
August 30th NESS Round 3 
September 6th off
*September 13th Psycho Cross
September 20th off
*September 27th travel Madness Supercross
October 4th travel The Barn NESS rd4 Finals
October 11th Travel to Madness KONE finals
October 18th Indoor Season Opener

There may be some changes to the schedule due to incliment weather. We will update it as needed.
Thank you! 
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Summer Hours for Wolcott hobby and Ground Zero Airsoft:

Wolcott Shop
Tue 12-6
Wed 12-6
Thur 12-6
Friday 12-7
Sat 10-6
Sun -5

Waterbury Shop
Mon closed
Tue 12-6
Wed 12-6
Thurs 12-7
Friday 12-11
Sat 10-5
Sun closed

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Classes for Indoor Racing for the 2014-2015 Season
Sportsman: Run what ya brung.

17.5 Spec Speedo 2wd Short Course (Sundays)

17.5 Spec Speedo 2wd 1/10 Buggy (Sundays)
17.5 Shortcourse: 2s lipo maximum, Blinky mode
2WD Modified Shortcourse: 2s Lipo maximum
4WD modified Shortcourse: 2S or 3S Lipo
2wd 17.5 Buggy: 2s Lipo and Blinky mode only
2wd Modified Buggy
4wd Modified Buggy
2wd Stadium Truck Modified
Prolite Class: A converted 4wd Shortcourse Truck with 17mm wheel adapters and a buggy body and wing. 
It must use Shortcourse electronics, mini pin or Bar Style tires, and a 2s Lipo maximum.
1/8 E-Buggy:  2050KV motor maximum, 3s Lipo maximum, Mini pin or bar style tires.
Racing Schedule

Friday Night Racing Classes
17.5 2wd Short Course
Mod 2wd Short Course
Mod 4wd Short Course
17.5 2wd 1/10 Buggy
Mod 2wd 1/10 Buggy
mod 4wd Buggy
Mod 1/10 Stadium Truck
We will run 2 qualifiers (Ifmar style) and mains
We are running 6 minute qualifiers, and 6 minute mains. 1 bump up.
We are running select electric classes.
Select Saturdays and sundays for Trophy events
We allow ODORLESS traction compound only!!! No others, no excuses!!

Sunday Racing Classes
17.5 Spec Speedo 2wd Short Course(Cash payout class)
17.5 Spec Speedo 2wd Buggy(Cash payout class)
17.5 2wd Short Course
Mod 2wd Short Course
Mod 4wd Short Course
17.5 2wd 1/10 Buggy
Mod 2wd 1/10 Buggy
mod 4wd Buggy
Mod 1/10 Stadium Truck
1/8 Electric Buggy and Prolite Buggy Class 
Sunday track opens at 9 am and racing starts at 11am. Open practice on Sunday for racers only.
We will run 3 qualifiers (Ifmar style) and mains.
We will combine the 17.5 Spec and regular 17.5 class if needed. Only the Spec cars are eligible for the Cash payout.
WE are running 6 minute qualifiers and 6 minute mains. No bump ups.
We are running all electric classes
Select Saturdays and sundays for Trophy events
We allow ODORLESS traction compound only!!! No others, no excuses!!
Club Racing Fees
1st Class $20
2nd Class $10
Each additional $5
Sportsmen $10

Traction Compound:
We just wanted to clarify the traction compounds for the indoor shop. We understand there are a lot of traction compounds on the market. Some of which have very strong odors and some little to no odor. We want the racers to use compounds with the least amount of odor as possible. We have come up with a list of compounds we are currently allowing. if you do not see your preferred compound on the list please message or email us or the next time are the shop bring it with you and talk to Lester or Kyle for approval to use it. So far here are the compounds we are allowing:
-Sticky Kicks 
-Devil Spit
-Hy Traction Juice 
-Trinity Blue dot and green dot
-Reinos Ragu 
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New indoor Facility address
130 Scott Road Rear building
Waterbury, CT 06705

Waterbury East Plaza, just drive all the way around back!

Store and Track hours
Monday closed
Tuesday 12-9 open practice night
Wednesday 12-7
Thursday 12-7
Friday 12-12  Club Racing
Sat 10-5
Sun 9-5 Club Racing as of Oct 19 2014
Open Practice $10.00 for the day. Monthly and yearly passes available as well as family passes.
We also have monthly Trophy races with varying dates
Racing is $20 first class
$10 each for second class
$5 for every additional class.
Sportsmen is $10
Trophy race entries vary.
We offer drinks and snacks available for purchase, as well serving the racers Pizza on Friday nights for free

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